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CNN Hero Harry Swimmer

For 20 years, Harry Swimmer and his nonprofit have introduced hundreds of children with disabilities to the healing power of horses near Charlotte, North Carolina.
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Everyone's wild about Harry

CNN Hero Harry Swimmer, 86, gives an inside look at a day on his horse farm, where his nonprofit, Mitey Riders, helps children with special needs.
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CNN Hero Sheldon Smith

Sheldon Smith's Chicago nonprofit gives young fathers like himself the skills to be positive role models and responsible parents.
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Manning Up

Sheldon Smith and his group, the Dovetail Project, have helped more than 200 young fathers in Chicago be positive role models and responsible parents.
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CNN Hero Marquis Taylor

Basketball helped Marquis Taylor stay on the right path. Today, he and his group use the sport, and an unusual method, to help young people become leaders.
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Passing the ball

CNN Hero Marquis Taylor shares how his childhood experiences inspired him to help young people see their potential -- on and off the basketball court.
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CNN Hero Luma Mufleh

Since 2004, Luma Mufleh and her nonprofit, the Fugees Family, have provided a community of support for hundreds of refugee children in Clarkston, Georgia.
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From refugee to Fugees

CNN Hero Luma Mufleh and young refugees from her program share the challenges of starting over in the United States -- and how soccer has helped.


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