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In Ashkelon, Israel, terror from the Israeli-Gaza conflict is loosening residents' grip on everyday life.

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Dozens die as fighting intensifies in Gaza; children killed at refugee camp updated 6 hours 47 minutes ago

There was bloodshed at a Gaza hospital and a refugee camp, and Gaza's Health Ministry said eight children were killed in the camp strike.

Israel approves extension of cease-fire in Gaza; Hamas rejects it updated 9 hours 52 minutes ago

Israel late Saturday authorized an extension of the humanitarian cease-fire in Gaza for another 24 hours at the request of the United Nations.

Israeli military rejects blame for deaths at U.N. shelter updated 12 hours 42 minutes ago

The Israeli military denied Sunday that it was responsible for anyone killed last week when a mortar hit the courtyard of a U.N. school.

Militants in Syria put victims' heads on poles; hundreds killed daily updated 13 hours 27 minutes ago

In some of the most gruesome images to emerge from the latest violence in Syria, videos show militants raising their victims' decapitated heads on poles.

Israeli troops' face threat from the ground beneath their feet updated 18 hours 52 minutes ago

Israel is confronting a problem beyond the Hamas rockets screeching overhead -- a threat underfoot.

Shimon Peres Fast Facts updated 22 hours 11 minutes ago

Here's a look at the life of former president of Israel Shimon Peres.

Passion and politics combine for Orhan Pamuk, the voice of Istanbul updated 1 days ago

Orhan Pamuk, Turkey's Nobel Prize-winning author, is neither afraid to confront the human condition in his novels, nor his country's past and political present.

British, U.S. diplomats out of Libya as militia fighting rages updated 1 days ago

A convoy of British diplomats made it safely into Tunisia from Libya despite an attack on its vehicles Sunday, British officials said.

Reporter's notebook: Scenes from the ground in Gaza updated 2 days ago

A temporary truce between Israel and Hamas provided a few hours for hundreds of people, who had fled the fighting, to learn whether they had a home

Terror havens in Syria and Iraq: Five reasons the West should worry updated 3 days ago

With ISIS making gains, bomb makers sharing their expertise and terrorists forging new ties, there's concern that Mideast terror could spread to the West.

Israel, Hamas agree to 12-hour Gaza cease-fire updated 3 days ago

Israel has announced a 12-hour cease-fire in Gaza starting Saturday morning

Report: Four journalists detained in Iran, three of them Americans updated 3 days ago

Concern is growing for the well-being of four journalists apparently detained in Iran this week, three of them American citizens, The Washington Post says.

Israel, Hamas agree to 12-hour cease-fire as casualties mount updated 3 days ago

Angry clashes erupted Friday in the West Bank, as Palestinian leaders called for a "day of rage" in response to the fatal shelling of a U.N. shelter.

How do we get a cease-fire to end the bloodshed in Gaza? updated 3 days ago

"Lift the siege."

For some Americans, Gaza conflict strikes close to home updated 3 days ago

For many in the U.S., the conflict between Palestinian militants and Israel is a deeply personal tragedy that fills them with anxiety about family members.

U.N. shelter in Gaza hit, 16 dead updated 4 days ago

An strike on a U.N. shelter in Gaza on Thursday has killed and injured multiple people, a United Nations spokesman said Thursday.

Cutting down on dates, Saudi food firm seeks long-term relationship with western tastes updated 4 days ago

French baguettes aren't the traditional bread of choice in the Middle East -- for now at least. But not if Saudi firm, Bateel, has anything to do with it.

Answering a different call: Americans who fight for Israel updated 4 days ago

It's believed there are approximately 750 Americans currently serving in the Israeli military, according to Friends of IDF, an advocacy group.

Dozens die in militant attack on convoy carrying Iraqi inmates updated 5 days ago

At least 22 people were killed in a suicide-bomber attack at the scene of an earlier bombing in Baghdad, police officials and medical sources said Tuesday.

In Beirut, Ramadan is different this year updated 5 days ago

The smell of traditional dishes served during Ramadan fill the house of Iman, a Lebanese mother of four.

As global powers push Gaza cease-fire, one mother reaches out updated 5 days ago

As the bloody battles pushed up tragic death tolls on both sides, world powers hold a flurry of diplomatic meetings aimed at halting the fighting in Gaza.

FAA ban marks Israeli setback, Hamas 'victory' updated 5 days ago

The FAA's ban on U.S. flights to and from Israel's main airport for a second day marks another blow to that country's economy and a success for Hamas.

Israel finds Hamas are no longer amateur fighters updated 5 days ago

Israel's ground incursion into Gaza, which it says is intended to destroy Palestinian militants' tunnels and stop rocket fire into Gaza, has entered its fifth day with the death toll mounting on both sides and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry arriving in Egypt. CNN's Ben Wedeman, a veteran Middle East correspondent, puts the incursion into perspective.

What is Hamas' endgame in Gaza? updated 6 days ago

What are Hamas's goals? And what will it settle for to end the bloodshed?

What is Israel's endgame in Gaza? updated 6 days ago

A river of blood runs through Gaza, as homes are smashed to rubble. Hamas rockets keep flying. What does Israel hope to accomplish?

Is Hamas using human shields in Gaza? The answer is complicated updated 6 days ago

Israel's claims that Hamas uses and even directs civilians as human shields are difficult to prove in an active ground war, experts say.

Talk of peace doesn't slow flow of blood, rockets in Gaza and Israel updated 6 days ago

The death toll continues to mount on both sides of the Gaza conflict as the United States pushes for a halt to fighting between Hamas and Israel.

Baghdad bombings claim at least 22 lives updated 6 days ago

At least 22 people were killed in a suicide-bomber attack at the scene of an earlier bombing in Baghdad, police officials and medical sources said Tuesday.

King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz al Saud Fast Facts updated 6 days ago

Here is a look at the life of Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz al Saud.

Deaths mount in Gaza and Israel as U.S. pushes cease-fire updated 6 days ago

The death toll on both sides of the Gaza battle jumped Monday.

In Gaza, attack on hospital delivers devastation and grief updated 7 days ago

In the violent bedlam that has engulfed Gaza, not even the hospitals are immune from attack.

Hamas claims it captured an Israeli soldier; Israel says no updated 7 days ago

Hamas claimed it captured an Israeli soldier Sunday on the deadliest day yet in the battle between Israel and Hamas militants in Gaza.

Mother of wounded Israeli soldier: 'He kept asking about the fate of his friends' updated 7 days ago

Mideast crisis hits close to home and work: Malka Davidovich is a nurse in Ashkelon, Israel. At her hospital, she learned her soldier son was in the ER.

Netanyahu: Israel seeks 'sustainable quiet' with Gaza updated 7 days ago

CNN's Wolf Blitzer interviewed Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Tel Aviv Sunday.

Nations agree to 4-month extension of Iranian nuclear negotiations updated 8 days ago

Iran and the P5+1 have agreed to a four-month extension of negotiations toward a final comprehensive nuclear deal, two Western diplomats said.

Caught in the violence, it's the hardest question in Gaza updated 8 days ago

It's the hardest question in Gaza.

Multiple car bombs kill 16 in Iraq updated 8 days ago

(CNN) -- Car bombs tore through four Shiite neighborhoods in Baghdad on Saturday, killing 16 people and wounding dozens, police said.

Facing fines, conversion or death, Christian families flee Mosul updated 9 days ago

Just days after the militant group the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria said they killed hundreds of Syrians, dozens of Iraqi Christian families are now fleeing the ISIS-controlled city of Mosul, hoping to avoid a similar fate.

Israel to expand ground incursion after Hamas militant infiltration updated 9 days ago

The Israel Defense Forces announced early Sunday that it will expand its ground offensive.

Islamic extremists kill 270 in attack on a gas field in central Syria, report says updated 10 days ago

ISIS killed dozens of Syrian troops and workers during an attack on a gas field in central Syria, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

As death toll rises, fighting between Israel and Hamas lights up Gaza skies updated 10 days ago

Gaza's night skies were illuminated Friday by clashes between Israeli forces and Hamas militants throughout the 27-mile-long Palestinian territory.

Israel launches ground operation in Gaza; Hamas says Israel to 'pay a heavy price' updated 11 days ago

The Israeli military launched a ground operation into Gaza late Thursday, the government said.

Egypt takes lead in Gaza cease-fire talks, but no deal yet updated 11 days ago

Egypt has become the focus of efforts to reach a lasting cease-fire in the 10-day conflict in Gaza.

Israel: 3 indicted in Palestinian teen's 'revenge' death updated 11 days ago

An adult and two minors have been indicted in what Israeli authorities say was the revenge killing of a Palestinian teen.

'They went to the beach to play': Deaths of 4 children add to growing toll in Gaza conflict updated 12 days ago

Of the more than 200 people killed in the 10 days of Israeli bombardment of Gaza, around 40 are children.

Life in Gaza: Search for safety, or wait for destiny updated 12 days ago

While some Gazans refuse to leave their homes even with Israeli bombings, many pack whatever they can and set out on a search for safety.

App alerts Israelis of incoming rocket fire updated 12 days ago

Israelis looking to know when to take cover are turning to their smartphones to get real-time notifications after Hamas fires rockets from Gaza.

Report: Egypt court hands down tough sentences in sexual assault cases updated 12 days ago

An Egyptian court has given nine men sentences ranging from 20 years to life in prison for sexually assaulting women near Cairo's Tahrir Square, according to state run newspaper al-Ahram.

How an Iranian musician took ancient Persian poetry to the top of the U.S. charts updated 12 days ago

Arriving in New York City at the age of 19 to study music, Hafez Nazeri knew he wanted to do big things.

Israel, Hamas OK temporary cease-fire: Five hours on Thursday updated 12 days ago

Diplomatic efforts to end the conflict in Gaza sputter amid Hamas' rejection of Egyptian efforts to broker a deal and rising anger over civilian deaths.

How did this happen? Iraq, Syria, Gaza and Libya all in flames updated 12 days ago

Syria, Iraq, Israel, Gaza and Libya. Each with its own crisis; all now unified in a heightened sense of anxiety

U.S. teen beaten by Israeli police to return home to Florida updated 12 days ago

A Florida teenager whose videotaped beating in Jerusalem was widely decried was to return home to Tampa on Wednesday night.

Racing toward danger: War-scarred Gaza medical crews also in harm's way updated 13 days ago

Each one bears his own scar. This close-knit band of paramedics and ambulance drivers risk their lives saving others on the front lines of Gaza's wars.

'Failure is not an option': But Israel, Hamas can't agree on cease-fire updated 13 days ago

An Egypt-backed cease-fire between Israel and Hamas fell apart Tuesday as rocket attacks from Gaza were answered by Israeli airstrikes once again.

Israeli military's 'knock on roof' warnings criticized by rights groups updated 13 days ago

Human rights groups say Israeli military's "knock on the roof," to warn civilians of imminent strikes, is not enough and still causes civilian casualties.

Deadline in Iran nuke talks likely to be extended updated 13 days ago

Talks on Iran's nuclear program show some "very real gaps" between the Middle Eastern nation and the West, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said Tuesday.

Iraqi Parliament speaker chosen after days of deadlock updated 13 days ago

Iraqi lawmakers elect a Sunni politician as Parliament speaker, finally taking a step to form a new government after two weeks of deadlock.

Gaza crisis: Who's who in Hamas updated 14 days ago

The political and the military arms of Hamas appear to have contrasting aims. Who's calling the shots?

Pope calls for Middle East cease-fire updated 14 days ago

Pope Francis calls for cease-fire in the Middle East, says his meeting with the presidents of Israel and the Palestinian Authority was not a waste of time.

Trapped in war: 'This is tyranny' updated 14 days ago

Mohamed Al-Batsh recalls a premonition he had the first day Israeli airstrikes began in Gaza.

Your 'good drone' idea could be worth $1m updated 14 days ago

The UAE wants ideas for drones that could better the world. Is yours up to scratch?

Kerry postpones Mideast trip to give Egyptian mediation efforts a chance updated 14 days ago

Secretary of State Kerry delays a visit to the Mideast to give Egyptian efforts at setting a cease-fire between Israelis and Hamas time, U.S. officials say.

Amid fighting, Israeli Cabinet to consider possible cease-fire updated 14 days ago

One bomb dropped on a center for the disabled. Another wiped out 18 members of the same family.

Training programs offer hope to Jordan's unemployed youth updated 14 days ago

Youth unemployment in Jordan is amongst highest in the world but a series of training programs are aiming to bring more young people into the workforce.

34 killed in militants' raid on reputed brothel in Baghdad updated 14 days ago

An attack on apartments that neighbors say were used as brothel in Baghdad killed at least 28 women and six men Saturday, security officials told CNN.

Making Jordan work amidst conflict and instability updated 14 days ago

Youth unemployment is not a new subject but it is has become a particularly acute problem for Jordan. The country's labor minister talks to John Defterios.

Running from death in Israel, waiting for it to come in Gaza updated 15 days ago

In a kibbutz in Israel, a woman constantly runs for her life. Nearby in Gaza, another woman prepares to die.

34 killed when militants raid Baghdad apartments updated 15 days ago

At least 28 women and six men were killed when militants stormed several apartments in the Zayona residential complexes in eastern Baghdad.

Israel drops leaflets warning Gaza residents to evacuate ahead of strikes updated 16 days ago

Israeli forces dropped leaflets in northern Gaza on Sunday, warning residents to move away from Hamas sites immediately to avoid airstrikes.

Israel raids Gaza missile site as rockets, rhetoric fly in Israeli-Hamas face-off updated 16 days ago

The latest wave of violence between Hamas and Israel showed no signs of abating Saturday, as rockets and airstrikes rained between the two sides.

Medical crisis in Gaza as conflict endures updated 17 days ago

Gaza faces a medical crisis, sources say, as it deals with the aftermath of Israeli strikes.

Rocket fired into northern Israel from Lebanon updated 17 days ago

A rocket was fired into northern Israel from southern Lebanon, and the Israeli military responded with an artillery strike, the Israel Defense Forces said.

Iraq's top diplomat replaced, sources say updated 17 days ago

In a portent of growing factional conflict, a Kurdish minister in Iraq's government was removed Friday by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki.

CNN Exclusive: Inside Baghdad hospital, harrowing tales from the front line updated 18 days ago

CNN Exclusive: Wounded Iraqi soldiers and border guards describe frontline battles with ISIS fighters from a hospital in Baghdad.

Striking Gaza could buy Israel peace for a year, maybe more, analysts say updated 18 days ago

The dark curtain rises again on the tragedy of Israel and Gaza, and the next act begins much like its forerunners.

Veteran diplomat de Mistura tapped as U.N.'s Syria envoy updated 18 days ago

Veteran U.N. diplomat Staffan de Mistura has been picked as the U.N.'s new envoy to war-torn Syria.

Is ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's bling timepiece a Rolex or an 'Islamic watch?' updated 18 days ago

His black robes and turban may harken back to Arab rulers from 1,500 years ago, but Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's taste in wrist-wear is decidedly more 21st century.

U.S. officials: Terrorist seizure of nuclear materials in Iraq of minimal concern updated 18 days ago

Militants in Iraq have taken hold of nuclear materials at university science facilities near the northern city of Mosul, the Iraqi government has said.

Gaza timeline: From Samson and Delilah to Israeli-Palestinian fighting updated 19 days ago

The violence between the Israeli military and militants in Gaza is the latest in a long history of fighting in the region. Here's a look at some events.

Israel suspends police officer over beating of U.S. teen in Jerusalem updated 19 days ago

Israeli authorities said Thursday that they have suspended a police officer who is accused of beating the U.S. teenager Tariq Abu Khdeir in Jerusalem

Israel's President: Gaza ground offensive 'may happen quite soon' updated 19 days ago

Israeli airstrikes pounded targets in Gaza, killing at least 19 people Wednesday as dozens of militant rockets streaked into Israel.

Rebels fear the Syrian government will lay siege to biggest prize updated 19 days ago

Syria's opposition says Aleppo might soon fall victim to a crushing siege if government advances continue.

More than 50 bodies, including 2 children, found in Iraq updated 19 days ago

Iraq witnessed another violent day Wednesday as the country's security and political crises deepen.

How Iron Dome blocks rockets from Gaza, protects Israelis updated 19 days ago

Israel is fighting to block rockets from striking its major population centers, deploying its Iron Dome missile defense system. Here's how it works.

Flare-up in Israeli-Palestinian violence: Why now? updated 20 days ago

Part of Jerusalem is seeing its worst flare-up in years. Here's a look at some of the key questions about the fighting.

Gazans exhausted by crises, wars, clashes, upheavals updated 20 days ago

As rockets and missiles fly across the Israeli-Gaza border, CNN's Ben Wedeman describes the mood on the ground in Gaza.

Has the Middle East crisis reached a tipping point? updated 20 days ago

As the Israeli military and Hamas intensify their exchange of fire, analysts are asking whether the region is teetering on the brink of a broader conflict.

Floodgates open as ISIS bridges victories between Syria and Iraq updated 20 days ago

After three years of seesaw battles with the regime, Syrian rebels now face another daunting challenge: fending off radical Sunni militants

Ground operations in Gaza 'might become necessary,' Israeli official says updated 20 days ago

Israel intercepted a rocket fired at Tel Aviv on Tuesday and killed militants who stormed into Israeli territory, the military said.

Iraq's orphans left to ask: 'Why do these people kill other people?' updated 20 days ago

The Al Noor Children's Center in Baghdad's Sadr City helps children from families who've lost their breadwinner.

Bahrain: U.S. diplomat 'unwelcome and should immediately leave' updated 20 days ago

Bahrain has ordered the expulsion of a U.S. diplomat for meddling in the country's internal matters, the kingdom's foreign affairs ministry said.

Taking aim at ISIS: Women train with AK-47s to defend the streets of Baghdad updated 20 days ago

Women train to defend their homes if ISIS fighters and their Sunni allies make their way to Baghdad and ignite sectarian fighting in the streets.

ISIS claims responsibility for Baghdad bombings updated 20 days ago

The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria has claimed responsibility for recent suicide bombings in the Iraqi capital.

Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei Fast Facts updated 20 days ago

Here is a look at Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei's life.

Iraq to split in three: So why not? updated 21 days ago

Iraq is tearing itself apart. Its government has lost control of large parts of the country; intercommunal violence is rife and al Qaeda is resurgent. A description not of 2014 but 2006 -- and a situation that led Joseph R. Biden, then a U.S. Senator and now Vice President, to argue that it was time to split Iraq into three parts: Kurdish, Shia and Sunni.

U.S. officials: 'No reason to doubt' it's al-Baghdadi updated 21 days ago

Members of the Badr Brigade, an Iranian-trained militia, back up Iraqi government forces defending Baghdad against possible ISIS attacks.

Israel calls up reservists as rockets fly updated 21 days ago

Police arrested several Israeli Jewish suspects in connection with the killing of Mohammed Abu Khedair.

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