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Last week, the final German federal state has scrapped tuition fees, making studying in Germany 100% free.

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Congolese doctor who helps rape victims wins top EU human rights prize updated 1 days ago

A doctor who's devoted years to giving aid to gang-rape victims in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Denis Mukwege, has received Europe's Sakharov Prize.

Russian sub or no, there's a mighty stir in Sweden's waters updated 1 days ago

A case of international naval intrigue off the Swedish coast brings back memories of the Cold War.

UN: Reports of cluster bombs used in Ukraine are 'extremely alarming' updated 1 days ago

The U.N. cites reports of cluster bombs being used by the Ukrainian government, calling the practice "extremely alarming."

Sweden ready to 'use anything' to force mystery sub to surface updated 1 days ago

A case of international naval intrigue off the Swedish coast brings back memories of the Cold War.

Sweden hunts for mystery submarine updated 1 days ago

A case of international naval intrigue off the Swedish coast brings back memories of the Cold War.

Catherine and William's second child due in April updated 2 days ago

William and Catherine, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, will become parents again in April.

Cannes International Film Festival Fast Facts updated 2 days ago

Here's a look at what you need to know about the Cannes International Film Festival.

Germany by numbers: A look inside Europe's economic powerhouse updated 3 days ago

A look at Germany by numbers.

Pope Francis takes predecessor a step closer to sainthood updated 3 days ago

Pope Francis moved a predecessor closer to sainthood on Sunday, beatifying Pope Paul VI on the last day of a gathering in Rome of church leaders.

Mikhail Gorbachev Fast Facts updated 3 days ago

Here's a look at the life of Mikhail Gorbachev, former president of the former USSR.

Germany: 25 years later and no looking back updated 5 days ago

CNN explores how Germany went from "the sick man of Europe" to the world's fourth largest economy.

Dozens of Turkish hostages seized by ISIS in Iraq released months later updated 5 days ago

Dozens of Turkish hostages abducted by Islamist militants in northern Iraq were freed Saturday after three months in captivity.

Five charged in U.K. terror plot, London police say updated 5 days ago

Five men picked up in a series of recent terror-related arrests have now been charged, London's Metropolitan Police said Friday.

Aspiring journalists create CNN Newscast updated 5 days ago

CNN on Thursday welcomed budding journalists and news producers from under-represented backgrounds to experience life in the fast-paced world of the CNN London newsroom.

Ebola outbreak 'running much faster' than response updated 5 days ago

The current Ebola outbreak is "running much faster" than the international response to it, the co-discoverer of the virus said Thursday.

London terror suspect recording: 'Terrorist' is a great word to describe me updated 6 days ago

A British man charged with planning terrorism said he'd been to Syria and reveled in the idea of being labeled a terrorist, a London court hears.

Petrolhead paradise: Touring Germany's world-class automotive museums updated 7 days ago

With factory tours and collections of stunning vintage prototypes, southern Germany is petrolhead paradise.

Spanish nurse's assistant says she'd treat Ebola patients again updated 7 days ago

Spanish nurse's assistant Teresa Romero Ramos is doing better and has said she would treat Ebola patients again if she is cured, a spokeswoman said.

Ebola cases could soar to 10,000 a week; CDC: New team to help hospitals updated 8 days ago

New Ebola cases could soar to up to 10,000 per week in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone by December, the World Health Organization warned.

UK terror suspect may have plotted 'Mumbai-style' attack, court hears updated 8 days ago

A man was accused Tuesday in a UK court of planning either an indiscriminate "Mumbai-style" attack or an attack against a prominent person.

Vladimir Putin Fast Facts updated 8 days ago

Here's a look at Russian President Vladimir Putin's life.

No Catalonia independence referendum for now, president says updated 8 days ago

Catalonia's Nov. 9 independence vote will not be held as planned due to suspension by Spain's Constitutional Court, Catalan President Artur Mas announced.

UK lawmakers cast symbolic vote to recognize Palestine as a state updated 9 days ago

UK lawmakers have voted in the House of Commons to recognize Palestine as a state "as a contribution to securing a negotiated two state solution."

UK terror investigation: Three more arrested updated 9 days ago

Three more suspects were arrested Monday in central London in an ongoing terror investigation in the United Kingdom, Scotland Yard announced.

Russia says it's pulling 17,000 troops from near Ukrainian border updated 10 days ago

Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered 17,600 troops near the Ukrainian border to return to their bases, state-run media reported.

Malala Yousafzai and Kailash Satyarthi share Nobel Peace Prize updated 12 days ago

The Nobel Peace Prize goes to India's Kailash Satyarthi and Pakistan's Malala Yousafzai for fighting child suppression and promoting young people's rights.

Ex-Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev leaves hospital, report says updated 12 days ago

Former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev has left a hospital and is back at work, Russia's state-run RIA Novosti news agency reported Friday.

Nobel Peace Prize: And the winner could be ... updated 13 days ago

Of all the prizes awarded during the Nobel week every October, none is more anticipated and talked about than the peace prize.

UK police arrest 5th suspect in alleged terror plot updated 13 days ago

A fifth man has been arrested on suspicion of planning an act of terrorism, British police said Thursday.

Eiffel Tower Fast Facts updated 13 days ago

Here's some background information about the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

MH17 passenger was found wearing oxygen mask, Dutch official says updated 13 days ago

Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 crash victim was found wearing oxygen mask when body was recovered in eastern Ukraine, Dutch foreign minister says.

Hospital worker: Spaniard exposed in ER for 8 hours after positive Ebola test updated 14 days ago

Three more people -- two doctors and a male nurse -- have been admitted to Madrid's Carlos III hospital for possible Ebola infections, the hospital said.

U.S. F-15 crashes in United Kingdom, official says updated 14 days ago

A military aircraft crashed in eastern England on Wednesday, and the pilot ejected and survived with a minor injury, police in Lincolnshire said.

Q&A: How did Spanish nurse catch Ebola? updated 15 days ago

The news that a Spanish woman has contracted the Ebola virus has raised questions about what went wrong in the treatment of two patients evacuated from West Africa to Madrid, allowing the potentially deadly disease to spread from person-to-person outside Africa for the first time in this outbreak.

2 Americans, a German win Nobel Prize for chemistry updated 15 days ago

Two Americans and a German win this year's Nobel Prize in chemistry for work on optical microscopy that has opened up our understanding of molecules.

Spain ramps up Ebola response; Norwegian tests positive in Sierra Leone updated 15 days ago

Spanish health authorities said they are monitoring four more potential cases of Ebola in Spain, a day after a nurse's assistant was confirmed as infected.

UK police arrest 4 men suspected of terror plot updated 15 days ago

Four men were arrested Tuesday in London on suspicion of planning an act of terrorism.

Physics Nobel prize goes to scientists who perfected LED light updated 15 days ago

This year's Nobel Prize in physics were honored for helping create the LED light.

UK 'urgently investigating' video showing apparent British ISIS fighter updated 16 days ago

British police are investigating a video released Friday that shows an unmasked and apparent British ISIS fighter, a spokesperson for Prime Minister David Cameron says.

Syria terror charges against Moazzam Begg dropped updated 16 days ago

UK authorities dropped Syria-related terror charges against former Guantanamo Bay detainee Moazzam Begg on Wednesday, days before he was due to go on trial.

UK woman accused of harassing Madeleine McCann family found dead updated 16 days ago

A British woman who was accused of online attacks on Madeleine McCann's family has been found dead in a hotel room.

The fashion prodigy behind Kim, Kendall and Rihanna's megawatt glamor updated 17 days ago

Balmain's creative director Olivier Rousteing is successfully mixing tradition with pop culture.

Cash a la mode: How style bloggers are turning social savvy into six-figure salaries updated 17 days ago

Fashion's new power players are not models or designers, they are bloggers and they are earning big from their followers.

Bombing kills 5 police officers in Chechnya updated 17 days ago

Five police officers were killed Sunday in a terror attack in Chechnya, according to Russian state news.

From schoolbooks to Syria: How four British youths turned to jihad updated 19 days ago

Hundreds of young British men are thought to have joined the conflict in Iraq and Syria. CNN's Karl Penhaul finds out why a group from a southern English town went to war and hears of the tragic consequences.

Missed Paris Fashion Week? Catch up on the best shows, front row and parties updated 19 days ago

Missed Paris Fashion Week? Never fear! Catch up with our roundup of Instagram photos by style insiders.

U.N., OSCE call for warring sides to abide by Ukraine ceasefire updated 19 days ago

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon urges Ukrainian forces and rebel fighters to respect a fragile ceasefire following the death of a Red Cross worker.

Red Cross worker killed in Ukraine updated 20 days ago

An International Committee of the Red Cross worker was killed during shelling close to the organization's office in Donetsk, Ukraine, the ICRC said.

William and Catherine warn paparazzi to back off Prince George updated 20 days ago

Lawyers for Prince William and Catherine have sent letters asking two photographers to stop following their son Prince George and his nanny around parks.

Why are so many young French people turning to jihad? updated 20 days ago

The scrapbook is filled with photographs and tributes: they show Dominique Bons' son Nicolas growing from a teenager into a young man.

Whoops! Banksy graffiti scrubbed by council after racism complaint updated 20 days ago

A council in the English town of Clacton-on-Sea scrubs a Banksy mural highlighting anti-immigration rhetoric off a wall after a complaint that it is racist.

At least 9 killed when shells hit Ukrainian school and bus, officials say updated 21 days ago

A school and a bus were shelled in eastern Ukraine on Wednesday, leaving at least 10 people dead, officials said.

David Cameron Fast Facts updated 22 days ago

Here's a look at the life of David Cameron, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

How Mindy Grossman made home shopping hip updated 22 days ago

Mindy Grossman has been the driving force behind making the Home Shopping Network both hip and profitable, but she still makes time for herself.

Spanish court suspends Catalonia independence vote updated 23 days ago

A referendum over Catalonia's future as a part of Spain has been put on hold.

9 Ukrainian soldiers killed in Donetsk fighting updated 23 days ago

Nine Ukrainian soldiers were killed by tank fire at the airport in Donetsk, Ukrainian official says.

Vogue China editor: Luxury brands don't get Chinese consumer updated 23 days ago

Vogue China editor, Angelica Cheung says that many global brands are failing to grasp the complex, multi-layered reality of China's luxury market.

Roger Moore Fast Facts updated 25 days ago

Here's a look at the life of actor and UNICEF Ambassador Roger Moore.

Catalan leader sets date for vote on independence from Spain despite opposition updated 26 days ago

The president of Spain's Catalonia region, Artur Mas, signed a decree on Saturday setting November 9 as the date for a referendum on independence.

UK Parliament votes to authorize airstrikes against ISIS in Iraq updated 26 days ago

UK lawmakers voted overwhelmingly Friday to join the U.S.-led air campaign against ISIS militants in Iraq.

UK votes for action against ISIS: Will this time be different? updated 26 days ago

More than a decade after the Iraq war, when 1 million people protested against intervention, British lawmakers are again grappling with their consciences.

UK police arrest 2 more men in counter-terrorism investigation updated 27 days ago

UK police arrested two more men Friday in connection with an investigation into suspected membership of a banned organization.

Poroshenko: Reforms will set Ukraine on road to apply to join EU in 2020 updated 27 days ago

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko outlined a program of reforms Thursday that are aimed at preparing his country to apply for EU membership in 2020.

UK police arrest 9 men suspected of terror offenses in London updated 28 days ago

Nine men have been arrested in Britain on suspicion of terror offenses, London's Metropolitan Police said Thursday.

Front-row politics, no-show models: What really goes on backstage at a fashion show updated 29 days ago

Life behind the glamor of catwalk reveals an army of creative and publicists is dealing with everything from front row politics to missing models.

Emma Watson gives feminism new life updated 29 days ago

Gayle Lemmon says the question now is how to translate all the high-profile feminizing into real gains for women.

Five people suspected in terrorist activities arrested in Europe updated 31 days ago

Five people, including a married couple, have been arrested in Europe on suspicion of terrorist activities, a senior Belgian counterterrorism official says.

1,400 cases of 'appalling' sexual exploitation revealed in UK report updated 31 days ago

1,400 cases of appalling sexual exploitation revealed in UK report.

Report: Ukraine, pro-Russia rebels agree to new ceasefire deal updated 31 days ago

A third Russian humanitarian-aid convoy crossed the Ukrainian border Saturday and is moving to an unspecified destination in southeastern Ukraine.

Protests erupt in Moscow over Ukraine crisis updated 31 days ago

Several thousand people in Moscow took to the streets Sunday to protest the war in Ukraine and Russian government's handling of the crisis, CNN has learned.

'A peaceful, selfless man': Wife of captive Alan Henning begs ISIS to let him go updated 31 days ago

The wife of British hostage Alan Henning pleaded with ISIS to free him, describing her husband as a "peaceful, selfless man" who was only in Syria to help

Pope Francis rebukes religious militants during visit to Albania updated 31 days ago

During a trip to mostly Muslim Albania, Pope Francis rebuked militants who act in the name of religion, saying no one can act as the "armor of God."

Tony Blair: West must fight not only ISIS, but its ideology updated 31 days ago

When Tony Blair heard hostage David Haines say his name, it strengthened the former British prime minister's resolve to fight ISIS, he said.

Wife of hostage Alan Henning pleads for ISIS to let him go updated 32 days ago

The wife of British hostage Alan Henning pleaded Saturday with the Islamic State terror group to release her husband

Dozens of Iraqi refugees land in Paris aboard flight that delivered aid updated 32 days ago

A group of 150 Iraqi refugees arrived at a Paris airport Saturday aboard a French aircraft that had delivered aid to the war-ravaged nation.

Scottish leader Alex Salmond quits after 'no' vote in independence referendum updated 33 days ago

Scotland will remain part of the United Kingdom -- along with England, Wales and Northern Ireland -- following a historic referendum vote.

Who are the most social women in fashion? updated 33 days ago

These 12 fashion experts have millions of followers, but who is the most social woman in fashion?

What Scotland's 'No' vote means for David Cameron updated 34 days ago

David Cameron has had the narrowest of political escapes. Success for the "Better Together" campaign has saved him from catastrophe: he will not, after all, live on in history as the Prime Minister on whose watch the Scottish nation chose to leave the United Kingdom. But serious questions will now be asked in his party and in the country about his future.

UN rights chief urges action over alleged 'mass murder' in migrant boat sinking updated 34 days ago

People smugglers accused of deliberately sinking a packed migrant boat in the Mediterranean must be punished, the U.N. human rights chief said Friday.

Results of Scotland independence referendum: 'No' campaign victorious updated 34 days ago

Scotland will remain part of the United Kingdom -- along with England, Wales and Northern Ireland -- following a historic referendum vote.

Scotland's vote on independence: What you need to know updated 34 days ago

Scots go to the polls Thursday to vote on the future of their country. Here's what you need to know about the landmark referendum.

Skeletons found 'holding hands' after 700 years updated 34 days ago

Even death couldn't part two skeletons excavated from a lost chapel in an English county, found with their fingers entwined.

Gerry Adams Fast Facts updated 35 days ago

Here's a look at the life of Gerry Adams, president of Sinn Fein, the leading republican political party in Northern Ireland.

Sophia Loren Fast Facts updated 35 days ago

Here's a look at the life of award-winning screen legend Sophia Loren.

Quiz: How Scottish are you? updated 35 days ago

Scotland in last day of campaigning before independence vote updated 35 days ago

Politicians made their final pleas to Scottish voters Wednesday, the last day of campaigning before they head to the ballot box to vote on independence.

Scotland vote: For the Queen, it's personal updated 35 days ago

Queen Elizabeth has been careful not to become involved in the debate on Scotland and independence, writes Max Foster, but it would still impact her.

Rocket attack kills 10 amid shaky ceasefire in Ukraine, military says updated 35 days ago

A rocket attack by pro-Russia rebels killed 10 civilians and injured 12 others in eastern Ukraine on Wednesday, the Ukrainian military said. It was the latest report of violence amid a shaky ceasefire in the region.

Germany charges 93-year-old as accessory to 300,000 Auschwitz murders updated 35 days ago

German prosecutors have charged a 93-year-old man with being an accessory to murder in at least 300,000 cases while working for the Nazis at Auschwitz.

King Richard III's bones reveal fatal blows, scientists say updated 35 days ago

Researchers at the University of Leicester have used modern forensic analysis to reveal that Richard III suffered 11 injuries at or near the time of death.

Ratification of landmark EU deal brings Ukraine closer to West updated 36 days ago

Ukraine and the European Union ratified a political and economic Association Agreement Tuesday in a step leaders hailed as a "historic moment."

'Laughing' traffickers ram boat full migrants and kill 500, survivors say updated 36 days ago

Witnesses say up to 500 migrants died in the Mediterranean Sea when their boat was sunk by traffickers, the International Organization for Migration said.

UK party leaders promise Scotland new powers ahead of key independence vote updated 36 days ago

The three main UK party leaders gave a joint promise Tuesday that Scotland will get extra powers if it opts to stay part of the United Kingdom.

Will UK stand for yet another war in Iraq? updated 36 days ago

The atrocious murder of David Haines puts the United Kingdom and in particular Prime Minister David Cameron front and center in the evolving battle against ISIS. It's not as though he is short of work, with a referendum in Scotland this week and a problematic relationship with the European Union among current elections next year dominating a crowded schedule.

World War II bomb scare in London's Olympic Park shuts down schools updated 37 days ago

An inert World War II-era bomb is discovered in London's Olympic Park hours after the closing concert of a sporting competition for wounded and ill vets.

Pro-Russian Rebels release captive Ukrainian troops updated 38 days ago

Pro-Russian rebels released dozens of captive Ukrainian troops Sunday as part of a ceasefire deal.

Prince Harry Fast Facts updated 38 days ago

Here is a look at the life of Britain's Prince Harry.

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