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July 26, 2016
• French Police: Hostage Standoff Ends At Church; Fort Myers Police: Nightclub Shooting Not Terror; Michael Jordan Speaks Out On Racial Relations; Michelle Obama Electrifies Convention With Rousing Speech; Are Democrats United Behind Clinton? Aired 5:30-6a ET
• Michelle Obama Speaks at Democratic National Convention; Bernie Sanders Endorses Hillary Clinton; Interview with Joel Benenson. Aired 8-8:30a ET
• Michelle Obama's Speech; Mothers Address Convention; Bill Clinton Speaks at Convention. Aired 8:30-9a ET
• America's Mayors On Crime & Punishment; Trump Targets Democrats During Their Convention; Democrats Push For Unity At DNC; DNC Speeches Address Addiction, Disability, And Other Issues; Fmr. Sanders Aide: "No One Stole This Election"; Michelle Obama Electrifies Convention With Rousing Speech. Aired 7:30-8a ET
• Michelle Obama Brings the House Down; Sanders Delivers Endorsement for Clinton; Convention to Nominate Hillary Clinton. Aired 6-6:30a ET.
• Democratic Stars Urge Party to Unite Behind Clinton; Michelle Obama Electrifies Convention with Rousing Speech; Sanders Urges Supporters to Back Clinton; Elizabeth Warren Blasts Trump for His Wall. Aired 5-5:30a ET
• Democratic Stars Urge Party to Unite Behind Clinton; Sarah Silverman Blasts "Bernie or Bust" People; Young Singer Dazzles Democratic Convention. Aired 6:30-7a ET.
• Democratic Stars Urge Party To Unite Behind Clinton; Sanders Urges Supports To Back Clinton; Michelle Obama Makes Impassioned Pitch For Clinton, Knocks Trump Without Mentioning By Name; Roll Call Vote Today To Officially Nominate Hillary Clinton; DNC Apologizes To Sanders Over Leaked E-mails. Aired 7-7:30a ET

July 25, 2016
• Trump Says He Is Expanding His Muslim Travel Ban; 12 Injured In Suicide Bombing In Germany; Democrats In Turmoil As Democratic National Convention Begins Today; Dangerous Heat Wave Grips U.S.; CNN Poll: Trump Leads Clinton After RNC Convention. Aired 5:30-6a ET
• DNC Chair to Address Florida Delegation; Four Headliners at DNC; Interview with Sen. Tammy Baldwin; Exploring Racism and Donald Trump. Aired 8:30-9a ET
• U.S. Officials: Russians Suspected Of Hacking DNC; DNC Chair To Resign Over Leaked Emails Showing Bias; Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren & First Lady To Speak At Tonight's Democratic National Convention; CNN Poll: Trump Leads Clinton After RNC Convention; How Does Tim Kaine Help Clinton? Aired 7:30-8a ET
• DNC Chair Resigns As Party Aims To Unify At Convention; Leaked Emails Show Party Leaders Favored Clinton; Trump Says He is Expanding His Muslim Travel Ban; Trump Backer Apologizes For Anti-Semitic Retweet; Trump: Kaine Pick "Slap In The Face To Bernie Sanders" Aired 5-5:30a ET
• Learning More about Suicide Bomber Who Targeted German Music Festival; CNN Poll: Trump Gets Big Post-Convention Bounce; Pros And Cons Of The VP Picks. Aired 6:30-7a ET
• DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz Steps Down Amid Leaked Emails Scandal; Interview with Senator Claire McCaskill; Shooting Takes Place at Florida Nightclub; U.S. Officials: Russians Suspected Of Hacking DNC; CNN Poll: Trump Leads Clinton To RNC Convention. Aired 8-8:30a ET
• Trump Currently Leading Clinton In New CNN/ORC Poll By Five Points; Firestorm Following DNC Chairwoman Heading Into First Day Of Democratic Convention; Interim DNC Chair Donna Brazile Warns More E- Mails To Be Made Public From Hack; Breaking Down Results Of New Poll Numbers; Trump Campaigning In Roanoke, Virginia; Two Dead, More Injured In Shooting Outside Nightclubs In Fort Myers, Florida. Aired 6-6:30a ET
• Trump Currently Leading Clinton In New CNN/ORC Poll By Five Points; Firestorm Following DNC Chairwoman Heading Into First Day Of Democratic Convention; Two Dead, More Injured In Shooting Outside Nightclubs In Fort Myers, Florida. Aired 7-7:30a ET

July 22, 2016

July 21, 2016

July 20, 2016

July 19, 2016

July 18, 2016
• Three Officers Killed, Three Injured In Baton Rouge Attack; Keeping Cleveland Safe For the RNC; Security Scare In Turkey's Capital After Failed Coup; Ex-Air Commander, 26 Others Accused Of Leading Uprising. Aired 5:30-6a ET
• Police Union Calls for Suspending Open Carry Laws; Melania Trump Speech Tonight. Aired 8:30-9a ET
• 3 Officers Killed, 3 Injured in Baton Rouge Attack; Trump Promises Strength and Toughness. Aired 6-6:30a ET
• Black Lives Matter On Police Killings; Sen. Joni Ernst To Speak Tonight At GOP Convention; Clinton: "No Justification" For Attacks Against Police; Cleveland Police Bracing For Convention Protests; Police Union Calls For Suspending Open Carry Laws. Aired 7:30-8a ET
• 'N.Y. Times': Stavridis is Being Vetted for V.P.; 3 Officers Killed, 3 Injured in Baton Rouge Attack; Republican National Convention Begins Today; Clinton to Address NAACP Convention. Aired 7-7:30a ET
• Three Officers Killed, Three Injured In Baton Rouge Attack; Baton Rouge Killer Lured Police And Shot Them With AR-15; Police "Confident" They Can Secure Convention; Republican National Convention Begins Today; How Will Baton Rouge Ambush Affect RNC? Aired 5-5:30a ET
• Three Americans Confirmed Dead In Nice Terror Attack; Three Officers Killed, Three Injured In Baton Rouge Attack; Turkish President Arrests Over 6,000 In Wake Of Failed Coup. Aired 6:30-7a ET
• Man Ambushes and Kills Three Police Officers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Police Union Calls For Suspending Open Carry Laws; Republican National Convention Begins Today; Trump Links Baton Rouge Killer To Islamic Terrorism. Aired 8-8:30a ET

July 15, 2016

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March 31, 2016
• Trump Takes 3 Positions on Abortion in 3 Hours; Backlash Over North Carolina's Anti-LGBT Law; Michaela Visits the "Cheers" Bar; CNN Takes You to 'The Eighties'. Aired 8:30-9a ET
• : Obama To Host Final Nuclear Security Summit; Trump Ignites Firestorm Over Abortion Comment; Planned Parenthood Responds To Trump's Comments; Stocks Set To End First Quarter With Gains; Backlash Over N.C.'s Anti-LGBT Law; Rubio Asks State Parties To Keep His Delegates; How A Contested Convention Works; Michaela's Special Surprise. Aired 7:30-8a ET
• Donald Trump's Comments on Abortion Examined; Interview with Trump Campaign Spokesperson Katrina Pierson; President to Attend World Nuclear Summit; Clinton & Sanders Running Neck-And-Neck in Wisconsin; Trump Ignites Firestorm Over Abortion Comment. Intelligence Gaps Hurting Efforts to Prevent More Terror. Aired 8-8:30a ET
• Protests In Minneapolis After Officers Aren't Charged in Jamar Clark's Death; Trump Ignites Firestorm Over Abortion Comment Advocating Abortion Ban & Punishing Women; FBI Agrees To Unlock Apple Devices In Murder Case; FDA Eases Guidelines For Abortion Pill; Antarctic Ice Melt Could Double Pace Of Rising Seas; Woman Turns Twitter Handle Into Water For Flint; Obama Hosting Nuclear Security Summit; Turkish President: Belgium Ignored Warnings About Attacker. Aired 6:30-7a ET
• Trump Ignites Firestorm Over Abortion Comment; Obama to Host Final Nuclear Security Summit. Aired 6-6:30a ET
• Trump Ignites Firestorm Over Abortion Comment; Authorities Find "Unprecedented Amount of Weapons' in Raid. Aired 7-7:30a ET

March 30, 2016

March 29, 2016

March 28, 2016

March 25, 2016
• U.S. Intel: Terrorists Plotting Imminent Attacks; Four Mormon Missionaries Injured in Attacks; Trump and Cruz in War Over Wives. Aired 8:30-9a ET
• Six People Detained in Raids Across Brussels; U.S. Believes it Knows Name of Fugitive Airport Bomber; Two Americans Killed in Brussels Attacks; U.S. Doctor and Friend Save Lives in Brussels Attacks. Aired 7-7:30a ET
• Cruz Calls Trump A "Sniveling Coward"; Who Would Win In A Clinton-Trump Matchup?; Belgian E.R. Doctors Tell Their Stories; Threat Of Returning Foreign Fighters To Europe; 2 Americans Killed In Brussels Terror Attack; France Terror Suspect Linked To Paris Attack Ringleader. Aired 7:30-8a ET
• 6 Detained In Terror Raids As Manhunt Intensifies; U.S. Intel: Multiple Isis Plots At Different Stages; Dozens Of Known And Possible ISIS Agents In Europe; New Anti-Terror Raids In Brussels; Minister: "May Have Missed" Chance To Stop Attacker; Cruz To Trump: Leave My Wife "The Hell Alone"; Secretary Kerry Addresses Belgium. Aired 6- 6:30a ET
• Investigation Continues into Brussels Terror Attacks; Survivor of Terror Attacks Describes Experience; Suspected Terrorist Arrested in Paris; Two Americans Killed in Brussels Terror Attacks. Aired 8- 8:30a ET
• Secretary Kerry Addresses Belgium; Belgian PM: Americans Among The Dead In Attacks; 6 Detained In Terror Raids As Manhunt Intesifies; 3 Detained Outside Belgian Federal Prosecutor's Office; Cruz Calls Trump A "Sniveling Coward"; Cruz And Trump Go To War Over Wives. Aired 6:30-7a ET

March 24, 2016

March 23, 2016
• Belgian Authorities Identify Brothers As Airport Suicide Bombers; Taxi Driver's Tip Sparks Terror Raid; Europe On High Alert After Brussels Attacks; Massive Manhunt for Brussels Third Terror Suspect; Clinton And Trump Win Arizona Primaries; Cruz Takes All 40 Delegate In Utah; Sanders Wins Utah & Idaho Democratic Caucuses; Jeb Bush Endorses Ted Cruz; Cruz Sparks Backlash With Call To Patrol Muslim Neighborhoods. Aired 5:30-6a ET
• Massive Manhunt for Brussels Terror Suspect; Terrorist Brothers. Aired 6:30-7a ET
• Belgium Terror Attacks; Inside Brussels Airport During Attacks; Ted Cruz Talks Trump & Terror Attacks. Aired 8:30-9a ET
• Belgian Media: Arrest Made In Brussels Attacks; Police Conduct Raids In Search For Suspect; Donald Trump Wins Arizona GOP Primary; Trump: "Change Our Law" On Waterboarding And Scale Back Support of NATO; Trump Tweets Threat About Cruz's Wife; State Department Warns of "Near Term" Attacks In Europe; Americans Among Injured And Missing. Aired 7:30-8a ET
• Brussels Observes Moment of Silence for Victims; Massive Manhunt for Brussels Terror Suspect; Cruz Wins Utah, Trump Takes Arizona; Interview with Ted Cruz. Aired 7-7:30a ET
• Belgian Suicide Bomber Terrorists Identified; Individual Arrested in Connection to Belgian Terror Attacks; Brussels Bombers had Strong Criminal Records; Two Suicide Bombers Are Brothers. Aired 8- 8:30a ET
• Deadly Terror Attack In Brussels; U.S. Hunting Terrorists Linked To Brussels Attack; Belgian Media: Arrest Made In Brussels Attacks; Trump Gets All 58 GOP Delegates In Arizona; Hillary Clinton Wins Arizona Primary; Sanders Wins Utah And Idaho Caucuses. Aired 6- 6:30a ET

March 22, 2016

March 21, 2016
• Paris Terror Suspect Captured; Snow in New England; GOP Braces for Contested Convention; Gov. John Kasich Live on New Day. Aired 8:30-9a ET
• Final Five Candidates Gear Up For "Western Tuesday"; Could Cruz and Kasich Join Forces To Stop Trump; Cuban-Americans Split Over Obama's Trip To Cuba; Republican Leaders Mapping Plan to Stop Trump; Would GOP Back Third Party Option Against Trump. Aired 7:30-8a ET
• President Obama's Historic Trip To Cuba; More Violent Clashes At Trump Rallies; Trump To Meet Republican Party Leaders In D.C. Today; Republican Leaders Mapping Plan To Stop Trump; Trump To Speak To Pro-Israel Group Today; President Visits With Staff At U.S. Embassy In Cuba; Dozens Of Dissidents Arrested Ahead Of Obama's Visit; Obama Is First Sitting President To Visit Cuba In 88 Years; Russian Airport Reopens After Fatal Crash. Aired 6-6:30a ET
• Officials Say Paris Terror Suspects Planning More Attacks; Airstikes On Mosul University Target ISIS; Texas A&M Wins Thriller Over North Iowa; Wisconsin Wins On Buzzer Beating 3-Pointer; Trump's Contentious Relationship With The Media; What Changes Will Come In Cuba?; Cubans Talk About State Of The Island-Nation. Aired 6:30-7a ET
• President Obama's Historic Trip To Cuba; Protester Punched At Trump Rally In Arizona; Trump Blames Protesters For Inciting Violence; Clinton And Sanders Campaign In Western States; Obama Talks About Rebuilding Ties Between Cuba And U.S.; Dozens Of Dissidents Arrested Ahead Of Obama's Visit; Retired Trooper Suspected In Deadly Turnpike Murders; Marine's Death Reveals First U.S. Firebase In Iraq; Obama To Meet With Cuban Dissidents On Tuesday. Aired 7-7:30a ET
• Violence Breaks Out at another Trump Rally; Interview with Arizona Trump Campaign Chairman Jeff DeWit; President Obama's Historic Trip To Cuba. Aired 8-8:30a ET

March 18, 2016

March 17, 2016

March 16, 2016

March 15, 2016

March 14, 2016

March 11, 2016

March 10, 2016

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March 02, 2016

March 01, 2016
• Voters Head to the Polls for Super Tuesday; Apple & FBI to Square Off on Capitol Hill; Interview with Rep. Bob Goodlatte; Sanders Campaign Raises $40 Million in February; Melania Trump On Her Journey to America. Aired 7:30-8a ET
• Rubio's Super Tuesday Chances; Gas Prices and Election; Flint Water Crisis; Trump Supporters on Super Tuesday Contests. Aired 8:30- 9a ET
• Testimony From Erin Andrews In Her $75 Million Stalker Trial; Donald Trump Has Been Saying Things Now That Are Being Examined Very Carefully; A 14-Year-Old Boy Is Charged With Attempted Murder, Assault, Making Terrorist Threats; Apple's General Counsel And The Director Of The FBI Squaring Off Before The House Judiciary Committee Today Over Encryption Of iPhones; NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly Returns Home To Earth; Melania Trump Opening Up to the Media About Her Husband. Aired 6:30-7a ET
• Polls Open in Super Tuesday States; Donald Trump Leading in Most State Polls; Interview with Former Senator Tom Coburn; Bizarre Republican Rhetoric Creates More Fodder For Late Night Comedians; Poll: Bernie Sanders May Be Tougher Foe for GOP; Does the Hostile Takeover of the GOP By Donald Trump Begin Today? Aired 8-8:30a ET
• Voters Head to the Polls for Super Tuesday; Clinton Looks to Pull Away from Sanders. Aired 6-6:30a ET
• CNN Poll: Voters Have Mixed Feelings of Melania Trump; Trump Poised for Super Tuesday Sweep?; Clinton Looks to Pull Away from Sanders; Obama Meeting GOP Leaders Over Supreme Court Vacancy. Aired 7-7:30a ET

February 29, 2016

February 26, 2016
• Rubio & Cruz Spar With Trump in Raucous CNN Debate; Rubio Accuses Trump of Using Illegal Immigrants to Build His Wall; Fiery Rubio Takes Off Gloves Against Trump; Trump on the GOP Debate: "I Thought It Was Exciting"; Trump: Rubio is a Meltdown Guy...Pouring Sweat; Trump Calls Romney's Tax Attack Attempt to Stay Relevant, Trump Blames Repeated Audits on Being a Strong Christian; Trump Won't Release Taxes While Being Audited. Aired 5:30-6a ET
• Four Killed in Kansas Mass Shooting; Rubio & Cruz Spar with Trump in Raucous CNN Debate; Fight for Black Voters. Aired 6:30-7a ET
• GOP Senators Threaten to not Hold Hearings; Texas Voters Weigh in on the CNN GOP Debate; Hollywood's Big Night This Sunday. Aired 8:30-9a ET
• Four Dead, 14 Injured in Kansas Workplace Shooting; Rubio & Cruz Ambush Trump in Fiery Debate; Cruz Slams Neutrality, Pledges to Support Israel; Rubio, Trump Clash Over Immigration; Former Mexican President: "Not Paying for That F**king Wall; Countdown to Hollywood's Big Night. Aired 7:30-8a ET
• Republican Presidential Candidate Clash in Debate; Attacks against Donald Trump in Republican Presidential Debate Examined; Democrat Presidential Candidates Campaign in South Carolina; Rubio Ambushes Trump At CNN GOP Debate. Aired 8-8:30a ET
• Rubio & Cruz Spar with Trump in Raucous CNN Debate; Democrats Make Final Push Before S.C. Primary. Aired 6-6:30a ET
• Rubio & Cruz Spar with Trump in Raucous CNN Debate; Democrats Make Final Push Before S.C. Primary. Aired 7-7:30a ET

February 25, 2016

February 24, 2016

February 23, 2016

February 22, 2016

February 19, 2016

February 18, 2016

February 17, 2016

February 16, 2016

February 15, 2016

February 12, 2016

February 11, 2016
• The Fed Chief, Janet Yellen, Testifies To Congress Today About The Economy; Hillary Clinton And Bernie Sanders Getting Ready For Their Latest Debate Tonight In Milwaukee; Trump Turning Up His Attacks On Bernie Sanders And Hillary Clinton While His Republican Opponents Gang Up On Him; The Oregon Refuge Standoff May Soon Be Over; The U.S. Senate United In Its Response To North Korea's Nuclear Activity; The Justice Department Is Suing Ferguson, Missouri To Implement Changes Within That City's Police Department; Cruise Passengers Speak Out About Sailing Into Storm. Aired 8:30-9a ET
• Congressional Black Caucus To Endorse Clinton; Interview with Rep. James Clyburn; When Will President Obama Endorse?; George W. Bush To Campaign For Jeb In South Carolina; Beyonce's New Music Video Sparks Backlash. Aired 7:30-8a ET
• Clinton & Sanders Face Off in Debate Tonight; Warriors Set NBA Record to Start Season; Gov. Kasich Opens Up About His Campaign. Aired 6:30-7a ET
• Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders Prepare for Upcoming Democratic Presidential Candidates Debate; Donald Trump Celebrates Win in New Hampshire; ISIS as Global Threat Examined; Why Does the GOP Struggle with Trump as the Frontrunner? Aired 8-8:30a ET
• Clinton, Sanders to Face off in Debate Tonight; GOP Candidates Descend on South Carolina. Aired 6-6:30a ET
• Clinton, Sanders to Face off in Debate Tonight; Atlanta Mayor Expresses Support for Clinton; GOP Candidates Descend on South Carolina; Calls for Investigation into Storm-Battered Cruise Ship. Aired 7-7:30a ET

February 10, 2016

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