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Bang & Olufsen unveils 'hi-fi on a phone'

A visitor attends the first day of the Mobile World Congress on February 27, 2012 in Barcelona, Spain.
A visitor attends the first day of the Mobile World Congress on February 27, 2012 in Barcelona, Spain.
  • Stuff magazine reveals highlights of Mobile World congress
  • Lumigon T2 phone has infra-red transmitter for controlling hi-fi
  • Panasonic unveils waterproof smartphone for European market

Editor's note: Will Findlater is editor of Stuff, one of the world's best-selling gadget magazines. Follow @stufftv on Twitter.

Barcelona, Spain (CNN) -- Mobile World Congress 2012 -- the home of all things new in the phone and tablet world -- is in full swing. Stuff Magazine has been working the exhibition floor in Barcelona to bring you the cream of this year's crop.

Bang & Olufsen squeezes hi-fi into a phone

Danish hi-fi maestro B&O has lent its expertise to the luxury Lumigon T2. Beneath the phone's precision-machined metal details lie B&O ICEpower Audio and an infra-red transmitter for controlling hi-fi equipment. Owners can also look forward to using gesture controls to control the phone with a wave of a hand.

Panasonic makes a splash

After an absence of almost six years, Panasonic has plunged back into the European phone market with the Eluga Power waterproof smartphone. It's fronted by a whopping five-inch screen and handily achieves a 50% battery charge in a just 30 minutes.

41 megapixel camera on new Nokia phone
Ford goes high-tech with new vehicles

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Nokia's 41-megapixel cameraphone

The FC PowerTrekk charger converts water into electricity to power a mobile. The FC PowerTrekk charger converts water into electricity to power a mobile.
Latest gadgets on display in Barcelona
Mobile World Congress Mobile World Congress

Eight megapixel cameras on phones have become increasingly common, but Nokia has smashed that with its 41-megapixel newcomer -- the 808 PureView. Promising better performance in low light and more creative shooting opportunities, it remains to be seen whether more megapixels will really mean better pictures.

Samsung tablet headed for schools

The new Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet follows the example of its (only slightly) smaller phone namesake by bringing the stylus back to touchscreens. The included S-pen allows for the use of handwriting recognition and fine control in creative applications like digital drawing and photo manipulation. Samsung is pushing it as an educational tool for use in classrooms, as well as by everyday consumers.

ZTE's wafer thin quad-core powerhouse

The comparatively little known Chinese manufacturer ZTE has launched a veritable armada of new phones, the most noteworthy of which is the ZTE Era. The well-specified phone packs the lightning-quick Nvidia Tegra 3 quad core processor while still managing to come in at 7.8mm thick.

Vodafone and Visa team up for contactless payment

Visa PayWay will soon be making its way onto Vodafone mobile phones. The payment service, which uses Near Field Communication similar to that used in London's Oyster Cards and Barclays' contactless debit cards, will allow users to pay for items by simply passing their phone over a compatible reader.

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